Today’s world can be dangerous and unpredictable. Security and Access Systems understands the threats and provides security solutions that can help defend you, your business, your employees and customers. Through our broad range network of security products and services, we can assess and protect any type business no matter how small or large.

Whether you are a retail business or a bank with valuable assets to protect, or a professional business such as a lawyer or accountant requiring security protection for your office and other sensitive information, you can count on us to devise a strategy that will monitor your business, protect against theft and violence and control access to your premises.

Intelligent Video Solutions for Industrial Facilities

In the past, facility perimeters were protected by the use of laser and fiber-based fence detection systems, infrared and microwave motion detectors and acoustics sensors. The problem with all of these technologies is that they are highly susceptible to false alarms and provide no visual confirmation as to the source of the alarm. Simply placing cameras on the perimeter and monitoring them from a central control room is not the answer either.
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Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security Solutions

We supply and install intrusion detection systems made by Senstar® for the perimeter of government facilities.

We provide the best in security systems products and services, so you can go about your business effectively.

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