Our world has changed, and today more than ever before, government agencies are prime targets of violence and workplace attacks. All Federal, State or Local facilities, employees and visitors, deserve the best possible security products and services to keep them safe and secure.

For more than 30 years, Security and Access Systems has provided government contractors, government agencies and industrial institutions with access control and intrusion security, video surveillance security and monitoring, burglar alarm systems and fire alarm safety solutions and much more.

Our certified security professionals provide government agencies with custom security solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of their particular situation. From government buildings, military facilities, law enforcement centers and judicial and legislative branches of government, you can depend on Security and Access Systems to meet the need head on. We employ security professionals with years of security expertise with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, repair and maintenance, testing, training and installation to keep interior and exterior offices secure and closely monitored and personnel safe.

Intelligent Video Solutions for Industrial Facilities

In the past, facility perimeters were protected by the use of laser and fiber-based fence detection systems, infrared and microwave motion detectors and acoustics sensors. The problem with all of these technologies is that they are highly susceptible to false alarms and provide no visual confirmation as to the source of the alarm. Simply placing cameras on the perimeter and monitoring them from a central control room is not the complete answer either.
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Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security Solutions

We supply and install intrusion detection systems made by Senstar® for the perimeter of government facilities.

OmniTrax® – Ranging Buried Cable Detection Sensor

Early Warning Detection Systems

StarNet™ 2 Security Management

FlexZone® Ranging Fence-mounted Sensor

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