At Security and Access Systems in Albuquerque, NM we specialize in intrusion alarm systems, access control systems, video surveillance, tele-entry systems and intercoms for business/industrial, government and residential use. We offer service and installation, repair and maintenance on our new or used safety and security equipment. We also sell new fire and smoke alarms for business and industrial use and offer installation, repair and maintenance service for our fire and smoke alarms.

Electronic Security Systems Features and Benefits

  • Designed to secure property and deter theft
  • Activate each point individually
  • Assign authority levels of control
  • Levels of arming
  • Users can be assigned different authorities in each area
  • System pinpoints alarm sources
  • Systems buffer records and tracks user activity
  • Integration of access control and fire systems
  • Capable systems to expand as your business grows
  • Monitors environmental and safety devices, thermostats, fluid levels, gas detection, smoke sensors, lighting, and HVAC
  • Offers 24-hour central station monitoring

CCTV Systems Features and Benefits

  • Contributing to peace of mind, a system that makes you aware when a device or a system has been violated
  • Provide video surveillance and observation
  • Simultaneous playback and view live
  • Power to increase security in areas of importance or priority
  • Remote video access
  • Timed event functions
  • Digital video recording

Access Control Systems Features and Benefits

  • Helps to manage a facility that needs a controlled environment, protecting investments, costly equipment and information
  • Access can be granted based on user presenting the correct code, card or both
  • Access control can provide the location where the key was used, how many times key was used, event time and date
  • Used for control of who goes where and when
  • Access can be restricted based on, time of day, and or day of the week
  • Supervision of buildings, multi-sites, gates, doors, and parking structures such as garage doors

We also offer 24-hour on-call service. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us for an estimate. Our friendly associates will be happy to help you start planning your security upgrade.